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About Us

Educating Since 2001

Interactive Education Academy (IEA) began as Dyslexia Institutes of America in 2001. As Dyslexia Institutes of America, our emphasis was to diagnose and provide therapy to individuals with dyslexia. Upon the recommendation of parents, we developed into a full time private school offering services for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities including autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, and others. We limit our class size to no more than 15 students. Our students receive grade and content appropriate work at a modified level and pace. Our students have the opportunity to graduate with a standard diploma and are prepared to go on to college, the work force, the military, and/or vocational schools

A Great Reputation for Quality Education

Interactive Education Academy has built its reputation on educating students needing more individualized attention. We have maintained a proud legacy of achievement, providing education for hundreds of students with learning disabilities.

It is our belief that some students require a more individualized educational environment to reach their full potential. It is our goal and our objective to meet this need.

Our Mission


Interactive Education Academy’s mission is to provide exceptional students and students with learning disabilities a small, caring, flexible, and individualized learning environment that understands their needs and helps them achieve academic and life success.

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Interactive Education Academy is to provide an educational experience for our students built upon a shared commitment to providing an optimum learning environment. Relying on the encouragement that we receive from each other, students, parents, teachers, and staff unite to establish an atmosphere supportive of academic achievement, creativity, social responsibility, and personal growth.

At Interactive Education Academy, the goal of academic proficiency exists side-by-side with the practice of establishing strong core values of respect and love for others, family unity, perseverance, and self-respect. We nurture each other's self-esteem here, and our students understand that the virtue of self-reliance must be tempered by awareness of his or her need for others, and that the success and happiness of each person is inextricably linked to the success and happiness of all with whom life's experiences are shared.

IEA cares about our students and seeks to provide them with the environment and tools necessary to reach their goals in school and their goals in life!


OUR GOAL is to help students reach




  • Educating students with a direct instruction model that meets their learning needs and styles with an emphasis on hands-on learning
  • Providing students with individualized attention and a flexible learning environment to help them reach their full potential and meet their learning goals
  • Bringing challenged students with below level reading and math skills and scores up to and above their grade level
  • Supporting our students with grade and content appropriate work, along with accommodations that meet or exceed their individual education plans
  • Teaching our students how to learn for success and gain life skills through examples and practice
  • Helping students become organized learners with good study habits.
  • Teaching students core values, life skills, and social skills that will allow them to become useful and valuable members of society
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