“Providing students the tools they need to reach their goals”


At Interactive Education Academy in Valrico, Florida, we provide traditional classroom instruction with an emphasis on hands-on learning. We utilize the most current curriculum and intervention programs from leading publishers. We have a flexible learning environment and we offer our students the time, support, and pace they need to achieve their learning goals.

A Flexible Learning Environment
Interactive Education Academy has served hundreds of students with learning disabilities. Our staff has the experience needed to help your child learn the material, as well as cope academically with their learning disability. Our flexible learning environment allows us to give our students the time and pace they need in order to succeed. Students have the ability to take some extra time meeting graduation requirements, without losing the opportunity to graduate with a standard diploma. We are able to offer more one-on-one attention when needed, along with the encouragement and support they might not have received elsewhere.

At Interactive Education Academy, we believe that textbooks and supplemental materials from leading publishers in the education industry are an important component of a quality education program, especially for students with learning disabilities. This is why our staff completes a review process before the curriculum is finalized each year.

The Core Curriculum
The core curriculum at Interactive Education Academy is centered on course materials and intervention programs provided by Pearson™, Prentice Hall™, and McGraw-Hill™. These are the leading educational publishers around the globe.

The students at our academy can also supplement their curriculum with courses from Florida Virtual School. This online experience prepares them for post-secondary education and a career where a virtual school experience will be an important part of their continuing education.

To learn more information about our flexible learning environment, contact us.